Friday, September 10, 2010

Time for more shot glasses...

Whenever I have an upcoming Art and Craft show I always go into overdrive thinking about what I want make - ideas flood into my head and I can't help but overwork myself leading up to the show. This is the case leading up to QWAC. I finished off the rings in my last post and moved onto creating some new earring designs. I decided since I wanted to create quite a few pieces that I had never made before I would first make them in copper. You can see in the first photo the wonky ring shapes that I soldered from strips of sheet copper. Many steps later... is the almost finished product (all they need are my handmade earwires attached). Complete with a patina to give a Grey-black colour to the copper and some Resin. At the last moment while pouring the resin I thought to myself "I like polka dots." That's right folks, that is one of many deep thoughts I am thinking while I am busy creating. Since I have been working a lot with Resin I am left with a bunch of containers that are filled with layers of leftovers. I am quite fond of using small plastic shot glasses that I purchased at the Dollar store, I only have a couple that are unused left so I have to remember to pick some more up. I haven't yet decided what I would like to make with my layered resin cups, but there are a few ideas in the back of my mind. Feel free to comment on what you think I should make with them. I hope to make at least one more post before QWAC and then afterwards some fun pics from the show.

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