Monday, September 27, 2010

Come see "RED"

I'm back in action after participating in QWAC. You'll have to excuse my lack of pictures from the show - my camera battery is apparently unchargeable and my cat broke my sister's camera the night before it started. This past weekend I was giving demos in the studio as part of Culture Days and finishing off all of my pieces for Jewel Envy studio's first collective group show "Red." I ended up with 5 pieces for the show that I am really proud of. I used a couple of new techniques in my work - including Mokume Gane and creating dies to use in a hydraulic press. As well as perfecting my techniques when using a patina - a process that has frustrated me in the past. If you want to see the finished pieces you'll have to make a cameo at one of our upcoming openings, or make a stop at one of the venues while it is up and running. This weekend I am participating in the Art of Fashion which is running as part of Nuit Blanche and today I just started working on my piece to apply to Zilberschmuck's exhibition "Bond." Pictured in this post are some interpretations of "Red" (excuse my made-up titles) Chia-Chien Tsai's Fairytale Apple, Gillian Batcher's Pumping Heart Necklace, and Emily Gill's Pearl Necklace. To see the rest you will have to check out the show, or wait forever for me to post more pictures.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Necklace Version 2.0

Recently I had almost finished fabricating this necklace. Then a studio mate (who shall remain anonymous) pointed out a better way to construct it. I think it was revenge for all the times I have told her that she should remake some of her work.

Since I had to back-peddle a step and remove resin from Version 1.0 of the necklace I left the piece to soak overnight in acetone. Then after cleaning it up a bit I wanted to let it soak for a few minutes longer in some clean acetone. The only problem was that I didn't have an extra glass container handy. I know not to put pure acetone in a plastic container, but I thought since I was only going to leave it for a few minutes things would be fine. I was wrong. Thank goodness I at least had the sense to place a metal lid beneath the container so that the acetone didn't leak all over my workbench. Once this beauty is complete I am planning on getting professional photographs of it. That's right. I have finally relinquished my do-it-myself attitude and I am going to let someone else do work for me.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Found some interesting images that I would like to share. I came across the website for a collective of Dutch conceptual design company called droog. My favourites include "Do Frame Tape" by Martí Guixé and Brooch #8 Diner-dansant by Iris Niewenburg. I have noticed Ralph Bakker's work in publications and recently stumbled onto his website. I had a hard time choosing just one image, so be sure to check his site out. Ledo Otto's Designs are really beautiful - they depict simplified architectural layouts of buildings. I especially like the "San Vitale" of Ravena. I also LOVE, Love, love Marianne Anderson's work, Mostly because I have a very similar aesthetic.
Please check out all my links to other various artists, I hope you enjoy all the photos.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Visit me at QWAC

More Earrings!
I hardly ever make stud earrings, but when a few new ideas came to mind I couldn't resist creating them. In the first photo you can see the pieces after I have fabricated them. I used copper and sterling silver as the base and post and then I used a patina on the surface of the copper. You can also see the holes that I drilled to place the strands of beads and ball chain. I finished them all today (as of five minutes ago). I might be making cufflinks before the QWAC, but seeing as that is only four days away that might not happen.
Tonight I start teaching at George Brown College which I am really exciting about. I will be teaching a Jewellery Design class - the students will be learning how to create workshop drawings. I haven't gotten nervous yet, that will only happen the exact moment I open my mouth to start teaching. Well then, I hope to see you all at the Queen West Art Crawl this weekend. Be sure to come and visit me!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Time for more shot glasses...

Whenever I have an upcoming Art and Craft show I always go into overdrive thinking about what I want make - ideas flood into my head and I can't help but overwork myself leading up to the show. This is the case leading up to QWAC. I finished off the rings in my last post and moved onto creating some new earring designs. I decided since I wanted to create quite a few pieces that I had never made before I would first make them in copper. You can see in the first photo the wonky ring shapes that I soldered from strips of sheet copper. Many steps later... is the almost finished product (all they need are my handmade earwires attached). Complete with a patina to give a Grey-black colour to the copper and some Resin. At the last moment while pouring the resin I thought to myself "I like polka dots." That's right folks, that is one of many deep thoughts I am thinking while I am busy creating. Since I have been working a lot with Resin I am left with a bunch of containers that are filled with layers of leftovers. I am quite fond of using small plastic shot glasses that I purchased at the Dollar store, I only have a couple that are unused left so I have to remember to pick some more up. I haven't yet decided what I would like to make with my layered resin cups, but there are a few ideas in the back of my mind. Feel free to comment on what you think I should make with them. I hope to make at least one more post before QWAC and then afterwards some fun pics from the show.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Behold the Rings

I am following up on my promise to post the finished rings. I just had to post them pictured on my hand... you might notice a few scratches. I have been trying to pass them off as the mark of my profession. In other words being a bad-ass goldsmith means you don't have nice enough looking hands to be wearing your creations. I wish I could claim them as such, but they are just the evidence of the fact that I have a cat. Enjoy the finished pieces!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Bouncing around

Lately I have been bouncing around projects. In anticipation of my fourth year participating in the Queen West Art Crawl and my studio group show I have been working on several pieces at once. The shield piece in my last post is one of five pieces that I plan on making for the show and I have been giddy over some new resin pieces that I have been experimenting with. Lately I have been attempting to take some process shots of my work. However since I am more on top of actually creating the pieces I don't always check the pictures I've taken before moving in between steps. I have ended up with blurry unusable shots that I can't retake (Oops). I have been having fun adding coloured ball chain and tiny pearl loops off the sides of my new resin pieces (that are similar to the piece in my heading). you can take a look at a couple process shots of a few rings that I have made. After I pour the resin I always place my little sign over the top to make sure that no dust or debris gets into the resin and more importantly that no one touches my work while it is still drying. I have to admit though (and everyone in my shared studio already knows this) I use the sign because I would be the first person to touch anything anyone else leaves out. And it's always good for a laugh.
I will be updating with more resin pieces, they have been a lot of fun to make!