Monday, September 27, 2010

Come see "RED"

I'm back in action after participating in QWAC. You'll have to excuse my lack of pictures from the show - my camera battery is apparently unchargeable and my cat broke my sister's camera the night before it started. This past weekend I was giving demos in the studio as part of Culture Days and finishing off all of my pieces for Jewel Envy studio's first collective group show "Red." I ended up with 5 pieces for the show that I am really proud of. I used a couple of new techniques in my work - including Mokume Gane and creating dies to use in a hydraulic press. As well as perfecting my techniques when using a patina - a process that has frustrated me in the past. If you want to see the finished pieces you'll have to make a cameo at one of our upcoming openings, or make a stop at one of the venues while it is up and running. This weekend I am participating in the Art of Fashion which is running as part of Nuit Blanche and today I just started working on my piece to apply to Zilberschmuck's exhibition "Bond." Pictured in this post are some interpretations of "Red" (excuse my made-up titles) Chia-Chien Tsai's Fairytale Apple, Gillian Batcher's Pumping Heart Necklace, and Emily Gill's Pearl Necklace. To see the rest you will have to check out the show, or wait forever for me to post more pictures.

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