Friday, June 17, 2011

HD Ring for Jeff

Here's where it starts, with a rough piece of wax.

I drew the shape on and sawed off the excess.
Using various files and wax burs I shaped the flame.
I smoothed it out and hollowed the back out to reduce the weight.
I added the band using my wax pen to melt the pieces together.
I decided to use the green wax for the band because it holds sharper detail.

Lots of Process shots today! The first thing off the top of my head since I just finished editing the photos this very moment - right after I finished making the ring itself. I completely guessed the size so hopefully this will end up fitting my brother on his birthday tomorrow. As you can see from the photos, I started out making the fireball as a separate piece before eventually adding it to a ring shank that I created. I was going to keep the fireball fairly simplistic, however after starting to carve it out I added a few more flares, for a more layered look. Once I attached the the ring I had to redraw the logo on three or four times until I liked the placement of it. After I casted it and polished it up a bit I decided to add a patina to it to make it look a bit more bad-ass, somehow it didn't look as good at a simple high polish. All in all, I'm glad I challenged myself with the logo on the band. I could probably spend several more hours perfecting it, but I am pleased with how it turned out. I hope my brother likes his new ring!


  1. I tried a couple times to put the photos in their proper order, but that's not happening today.

  2. I love the process photos! And I totally know what you mean about putting photos in order, it takes a long time in this programme.

  3. Hazah! I just realized my settings were prohibiting my photo adjustments, just had to change it to the newest editing thingamabob. And now there are captions, woohoo!

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